Technology Development

Technology Development

As technology roadmaps identify Needs, targeted research for ASU faculty will be rapidly developed to fill knowledge gaps in the roadmaps and seek novel approaches to un-met needs.

Short-duration, but renewable, projects will be developed with clear metrics and milestones that align with the technology roadmaps.

Success will be based upon the following key performance indicators:

  1. Discovery of new materials and processes that lead to new intellectual property
  2. Modeling that define business opportunities
  3. Leveraging with other funding sources
  4. Iterating and articulating value-creation propositions for new water technologies
  5. Creating of new start-up companies and investment
  6. Attracting external companies to and internally growing Arizona water-related workforce

Projects initiated in 2023 seek to stimulate new technology breakthroughs around the following topics:

  1. Create new water resources through atmospheric water capture for end-users with high-quality water needs
  2. Replace reliance on chemical-intensive water treatment processes through novel light- and electrified- technologies that accelerate production of fit-for-purpose water at the point of water user
  3. Improve selectivity and rejection of low molecular weight neutral organics and high salt concentrations to enable industrial water reuse
  4. Enable a greener energy and food system through closer integration of water technologies in greenhouse gas mitigation, hydrogen production and alternative food production